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I go by the name Robert L Renling, some other things as well, if you know me well enough you get to call me names – if you ask my sister, she has some really creative ones of the latter.

Just Don't ask about the L – let's just forget it exists – verstehen! – and forgive my parents for a bizarre choice of middle name. Y'know, I used to tell people it stood for Lars, like the ancient norse, but no one ever believed me. I'm not a skilled liar.

I write a lot, some pay me to do it. I argue a lot, but I do that for free. If you want to start paying me to argue, kindly apply within. My rates are very generous and my sceptics wrath, is without peer.

I had a dog, but I prefer no pets. Most of my clothes are black, but my favourite color is white. I was born in a really grimey place outside of the capital of northern Sweden – no not Stockholm, I said northern! – but I got out before I turned legal. now I'm going back to the cesspool, oh sorry, Capital of Sweden, Stockholm. This last factoid arises from being in love with a beautiful EGL model – I should stop objectifying & editorialize – .. She-who-foolishly-agreed-to-be-my-better-half or just Nyarlathotep in short, awe heck let's just call her ol' redhead instead! – She spurs me on, it's really really easy to write and be creative with her by my side, well not in the physical sense more of a metaphysical-sherman-tank way. Did I mention she's a readhead? *bites knuckle*


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it was the abbreviation of my former domain, a system apart. which I forgot to renew, you can however find my new tumblr over at www.solidstatesociety.info

HOW DID YOU GET YOUR THEME BACK? please help me :(


tumblr com slash themes slash reset

i could be wrong, but ive since bought a theme :D

Dear Marco…

And the idea that I thrive on controversy couldn’t be further from the truth. I hate that Josh and Nilay took my offhand comment about Engadget and PR relationships so severely and personally. I hate that these two people, who I’ve met and have gotten along with quite well, now think that I’m a complete asshole because they inferred something far more severe than what I really meant.

Offhand is “hey guys, know what I heard” over a beer at the pub, when you write it you have more than an additional thoughtprocess behind it.

You did write

Like The Verge, Engadget naturally made no mention of the HP Spectre One’s many obvious similarities to the iMac.

Big “gadget” blogs depend on maintaining very friendly relationships with the companies whose products they cover so they can continue to get exclusives, interviews, press badges to events, and early access to products. Maintaining these relationships while retaining credibility isn’t always an easy choice for many sites, and many choose poorly.

Neither of those two paragraphs are “offhand” you’re stating a series of opinions. You also run a linkblog with a serious following due to your fandom from the work you’ve done.

This makes your voice so much more than my own, and being awesome on your level also brings responsobility as a person people look to for an informed opinion.

Fess up, provide a sincere apology and own your mistake, provide greatness not underhanded bitterness.

Sooo.. we’re doing the whole moving bit now, cleaning out the old apartment and packing it into a trailer. whoopdedo.

Also my phone is misbehaving and has been for the last couple of days, if you need to reach me, reach out to my private email, those of you who need to, have the adress.

It’ll be a week before we’re online again — which means I’ll probably not be able to answer email before then, no promises — so see y’all then!

looks like lady gaga just got dethroned as the queen of weird.


LOOM 4K Short Film [HD]: From Luke Scott, Ridley Scott & RED Camera

 Luke Scott in cooperation with RED Camera presents “LOOM”. A film shot completely in 4K format in the tone and style of Ridley Scott’s dystopian Blade Runner. The film was originally intended to help showcase the prototype REDray 3D laser player. The film was constructed for 3D, the film needed to push the limits of the cameras exposure sensitivity and colour range and 4K projection. Visually the film is unmatched to date in it’s use of RED’s new technology.


I see your Cyber Coffee and raise you Sturm Cafe. 


Bitch plz.



Stir-Fried Veggies with Spinach Noodles and Szechuan Sauce



Love this style of illustrations, like a fictional, glossy product catalogue. Would love this for our upcoming neopunk roleplaying game!

that’s a 10-4 bossman ;)

apple vs samsung

I can’t quite bring myself to care passionately enough about operating systems, platforms, software. for me it’s in the process, the means to which you get shit done.

To people like michael heilemann and john gruber it’s a deep passion relating to software and the platform on which it runs. we’ve seen that type of arguments again and again. the colloquialisms.

Did Samsung do wrong by researching known successful products made by competitors? on a moral level? they might’ve. But it’s all part of the process in corporate outfits, research the competitor, find out what they did right & by your decision do it better — now “do it better” is utterly subjective with bias to the team lead heading up the effort.
Without standing on the shoulders of those that came before us, we wouldn’t have a great many things. for instance, SaaS solutions often mimic some other product. Twitter has app.net aping after them as well as identica. Facebook decided they could make a better friendster.

But many of these exemplify methods rather than form. But as any creative knows, the cross-intermingling of ideas and inspiration of others is part of Any creative process. Which is something Heileman himself should be very aware of by now in his own creative pursuits.

When Apple released the iPhone they did what they always do, raised the bar and created their own ecosystem. it was a proven success story. previously smartphones looked like any regular candybar but with much less batterypower/h ratio. 

What Apple did, is set a precedent in the design of smartphones. To claim that a rounded corner here, a beveled screen there and icons in a grid is revolution is convoluted at best. it’s all in the execution.

So why am I even adding My thoughts to this Quagmire? it’s because it goes far deeper than just a platform x vs. platform y. if you didn’t follow any of the links or read the reports, Apple just made a precedence using method patents. 
Further down the road we will see other competitors use this case as a reference on method patents and the use of trade dress. 

All art is derivative. and some of the best works of art, are considered far superior to the works on which they are directly inspired. 

Really, rounded corners and bevelled glass…

disclaimer: I own macs, iphones and android handsets.


It’s come to my attention that the jury foreman is the holder of a method patent. confirmation bias.

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